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Based on patent-pending technology, the Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System®, Fidelis XPS™ is the only system able to identify and stop data leakages before they occur. Organizations choose Fidelis XPS to solve their biggest data leakage challenges--protecting intellectual property and identity information, assuring compliance with government and industry privacy regulations, and managing insider use of the internet.

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    PROTECT Digital Assets

    Effective use of an organization's digital assets typically requires sharing them across an extended enterprise in some collaborative process, such as a company's supply chain or a bank's credit-review process. While technology has made collaboration cheaper and easier, it has also made it easier to lose control of the network and valuable intellectual property.

    The leakage, or extrusion, of this information imposes real costs to organizations, their partners, and their shareholders. In addition to direct financial costs, competitive advantage, brand impact, reputation risks, and civil liabilities can be substantial.

    Fidelis Security Systems is a leading provider of extrusion prevention systems that stop data leakage, mitigating the risks organizations face in the protection of their digital assets. The Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System
    ®, Fidelis XPSTM, provides the first direct control to prevent the extrusion, or unauthorized disclosure, of digital assets. Rather than using the indirect approach of focusing on controlling user behavior through access control, Fidelis XPS focuses on the digital assets themselves. Through a network appliance, it enables companies to actually mitigate their risks by implementing a policy-based approach to prevent the transfer of digital assets, rather than merely reporting on compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

    Fidelis XPS provides multiple tools to protect digital assets:

    * All-network channels prevention: Prevent data leakage across all channels on all ports on the network at gigabit speeds.

    *Pre-built profiles: Choose from a plug-and-play suite of policies that protect critical digital assets without data registration for fast deployment and a lower total cost of ownership.

    *Smart Identity Profiling
    TM : Accurately recognize identity information without labor-intensive data registration. This powerful profiling and validation engine minimizes the occurrence of both false positives and false negatives resulting in fast deployment and easy maintenance.

    PROTECT Digital Assets: Intellectual Property

    From manufacturing product designs to source code to business knowledge stored electronically, intellectual property has become digitized across organizations and has provided great productivity increases.

    Unfortunately an extrusion of intellectual property by an accidental disclosure, a malicious insider or external hacker, can have intensely negative market, brand, legal, operational, and financial consequences to an organization. To properly safeguard an organization's resources, it is imperative to prevent the unauthorized transfer of protected data rather than merely reporting on the extrusion. Instead of an indirect approach of focusing on user behavior through access control, preventing the extrusion of the digital assets themselves will assure an organization's ability to mitigate risks.

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    PROTECT Digital Assets: Identity Information

    Likewise, the protection of information about customers and employees is critical to success in today's business environment. From competitors seeking intelligence to hackers looking to commit identify theft, there is no shortage of people trying to get access to this information. Recent high-profile extrusions of personal information have illustrated the costs to organizations that do not adequately protect this information. An extrusion can have an incredibly negative impact, potentially resulting in legal liability, lawsuits, fines, penalties, incarceration, and significant damage to an organization's reputation and brand.

    Many laws and industry regulations have been passed to protect sensitive information. But sometimes organizations and technology solutions lose sight of the goal of such regulations--the point is not to issue a report on the organization's compliance with internal policies and external regulations when policies have been breached, but rather to implement controls that mitigate the risks by preventing the extrusion altogether, thereby avoiding non-compliance and the detrimental financial, legal, and business consequences that accompany it.

    Contact Opti-Tech to learn how to PROTECT your
    Identity Information

    ASSURE Privacy Compliance

    The leakage, or extrusion, of personally identifiable information (PII) has been shown to have significant negative consequences on an organization's brand, reputation, and customer trust as well as legal, operational, and financial implications. With the number of PII extrusions on the rise, both governments and industry organizations (such as the Payment Card Industry) have responded by instituting several privacy laws and industry operating standards with which all organizations must comply. Most privacy compliance laws and standards require the reporting of unapproved disclosures of privacy-sensitive identity information and include financial (and sometimes criminal) penalties for non-compliance.

    However, the range of laws and regulations mandated to better control identity information has severely taxed the resources of many organizations required to comply. In an effort to support their compliance efforts, organizations must put policies and tools in place to monitor and control privacy-sensitive identity information.

    Historically, the controls available required searching the entire enterprise to locate all occurrences of identity information and placing access controls, typically in the form of authentication and authorization, on systems containing sensitive information. Even if this were done successfully, access controls typically become ineffective once information is accessed by an approved user. Initial automated content monitoring tools not only require this time-consuming and labor-intensive discovery process, they also require extensive integration to maintain registration as data changes. These drawbacks not only result in expensive deployment and maintenance, but also lead to false negatives as non-registered data slips through un-noticed. Bottom line--accidental disclosures, malicious insiders, and systems comprised by hackers have all led to the leakage of identity information.

    Fidelis Security Systems is a leading provider of extrusion prevention systems that stop data leakage, mitigating the risks organizations face when privacy compliance regulations are breached. The Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System
    ®, Fidelis XPS, delivers out-of-the box privacy compliance with a range of policies that allows organizations to support regulations without increasing staff. A uniquely powerful rules-based approach to identifying privacy sensitive information eliminates the need for time consuming and unreliable data registration.

    Contact Opti-Tech to learn how to ASSURE your Privacy Compliance


    MANAGE Insider Use of the Internet

    Today's networked environments--with most of an organization's information available in digital format and the prevalence of new technology communication "channels" such as instant messaging, peer-to-peer, and webmail--have contributed greatly to productivity. But the risks of unacceptable use of the network as a resource have also grown greatly. With broader access to information and new, usually uncontrolled channels of communications, insiders have often found ways to undertake activities on the network that are not conducive with their organizations' policies.

    Whether it is a financially stressed or disgruntled employee, a contractor or other third party with access to your network, or just carelessness in adherence to your acceptable use policy, an insider can pose a great threat to your organization. The viewing of inappropriate content and materials and use of unauthorized channels and technologies can result in significant legal liability and financial risk, negatively impact your employees' productivity, and consume precious IT resources like bandwidth and storage.

    To date, most enterprises have only placed controls on the web and e-mail gateways to
    prevent violations of their acceptable use policy. However, almost half of all network traffic bypasses these two control points, making it easier for insiders to subvert these control points and send out inappropriate materials, typically via "back channels" like instant messaging, peer-to-peer technologies, and rogue web traffic. Because developers of such consumer technologies are motivated to make their applications pervasive, they have been specifically designed to subvert firewall controls with port-hopping and tunneling. Traffic flowing in these "back channels" is unmonitored and cannot be proxies.

    Fidelis Security Systems is a leading provider of extrusion prevention systems that stop data leakage, mitigating the risks organizations face from management of insider use of the internet. The Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System
    ®, Fidelis XPSTM, is a network appliance designed to manage and enforce your acceptable use policy with a range of pre-built policies that allows organizations to identify and block any session if a policy has been violated, in real time at gigabit speed.

    Unlike proxy servers that see only a specific protocol on specific ports, Fidelis XPS monitors the content flowing across all network channels on all ports, alerting and/or preventing acceptable use violations on all content flowing across the network. Fidelis XPS implements your acceptable use policy on all channels on all ports, thereby mitigating liabilities and productivity impact.

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